A journey of discovery

Hello world!

Welcome to Stepin2life. Our aim is to share knowledge on certain topics and areas of life which can enhance the live’s of those who visit, read and action. As we all are aware, everyone is different, and as such ‘one size does not fit all’. So we will include different options for improving health, the main focus being healthier eating through paleo and/or keto eating plans.

If you have positive and worthy ideas and comments, which can be verified through research, we will be happy to share them. This is not a site for general advertising though, but to clarify ideas and thoughts on  various areas and myths of healthy eating. We recommend you check out the ideas and suggestions shown, do your own research before making any changes, we are firm believers in making informed decisions, and we urge you to be the same.

We  are on journey of discovery to improve our own health and finances and we believe that ideas that are shared and tossed back and fourth can help to spur others into action. So I hope you will find something of interest in the pages and posts that are to come as we learn about blogging, health and creating an extra income from home.


Janet & Peter 😊

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