A journey of discovery

About us

1We are a young couple in our 60’s and have traversed life together now for over forty one years with all the ups and downs, highs and lows that life can throw at us,  and I believe we are coming out this end of life with a stronger and happier marriage than we’ve ever had, filled with respect, humour and love.

Our lives have been blessed with three children, in whom we are very proud and who are now busy building their own independent and active lives along each of their chosen paths. We have also been blessed, thus far, with 2 gorgeous grandchildren, (uuhm, am I biased – you betcha!).

Amongst other special things in our lives, we are privileged to live in the beautiful Barossa Valley, South Australia, one of the best premium wine producing areas in Australia and the world.

The developing of this site has been prompted by, not only, our own desire to improve our lives, but also  our heart to encourage and spur others on in their own personal visions and dreams, on the road to improved lives with an wholistic look at the different facets of live, including health, work,  finances, family and community.

I’m sure that you will know that ‘one size’ does not fit all basically in all areas mentioned above so that is why you will find an eclectic mix of ideas to help you ‘step in to life’ in a positive, and hopefully,  exciting way.

Our  main focus will be on all things Australian but not to the total exclusion of good ideas and sites from other countries. We are true dinky dye Aussie’s who are very proud of their country and want to contribute to making it greater. Even though we are just ordinary folks, we can make a difference, a bit like the starfish story – if we can make a difference for the better in one life, then that is one step forward.

You might ask – do we have it all together – nope – we do not!  Have we got our health sorted – not completely. Are we wealthy – No, do we have all the secrets to a great marriage – no. Well, what do we have you might ask. Here is the answer, we are on a journey, we are working on our health, searching out and seeking good, ethical products and information. Relationships are a very important part of life and  we continue to build on what we have to develop greater and deeper friendships within our family and community.

So what we are hoping is that you will see something in the articles and links that will be posted on the pages of this site and we will be able to enhance your life in a new and positive way, perhaps in a small way or perhaps in a bigger way. As long as it is positive, that is all that matters.  Feel free to make positive comments and ask questions and we will do what we can to assist. We look forward to the journey with you.

Nothing happens unless first a dream. So reach for the stars, then, one day at a time, honour your dream with action.     

Carl Sandberg